Bubble Campaign

Receive your logo in any of our bubbles (Large, Medium, Small). These bubbles will fall from the sky and every player will shoot the bubbles before they hit the ground. Every player will see your logo inside the bubble as they shoot them every few seconds. These logo placements will display your logo in the bubbles for 1 month. Large bubble adspace are $220 Medium bubbles are $100 and small bubbles are $79.

Banner Campaign

Have your brand placed in one of four of our banner spots for a length of 1 month. Your banner will be randomly displayed every time a player starts the game. Your banner is place on the wall of a building in the background city of the game. These banner placement will cost $220

Music Campaign

Have your song placed in our song rotation on the game. Players have the option to choose what song genre they will here while they play the game. Songs are randomly selected from the genre that was chosen and will be available for 1 month. Song placement will cost $279.00

Avatar Campaign

We can all imagine having a character in a game that everyone that plays the game can use. This campaign will allow you to give use a head shot photo and a character selection photo so people can select your character in the game to play with. This campaign will cost $279.00 and will display for 1 month.


Have a one whole week of all bubbles, banners, music and avatars display only your brand
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These campaigns are available in your profile

To get to your profile you must download the game and register on the game then come back to this website and login.


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